Our story

Tým Simulation of Reality

It started during 2008 in a rented apartment. Today, Simulation of Reality s.r.o., is the largest simulator center in the Czech Republic. At the same time, we are among the domestic leaders in terms of technology, and our simulators are so realistic that even professionals use them as training tools. We provide simulated flying and other experiences at the highest level of realism.


Realistic flight simulators

Because we ourselves are also dedicated to real flying, aircraft simulators remain our main domain and "heart". Of these, we are most proud of the Boeing 737 NG transporter simulator, which is currently undergoing certification with the Civil Aviation Authority to become a full-fledged training tool for real pilots. Our Airbus A320 simulator is no less realistic. You can thus directly compare how the two most widely used commercial aircraft are controlled today and how the approach to aircraft control differs between the two largest manufacturers. In both cases, the simulators have a cabin exactly matching the one in the real plane and a panoramic projection behind its windows.


"It all started with a desire to fly and the first Boeing simulator, built in a rented apartment. Our first project gained attention and after some time we decided to add more planes and move to bigger premises where you can find us today."

Radek Topinka, the founder


A small plane and a supersonic fighter

In addition to commercial aircraft, we also offer a single-engine Cessna 182RG simulator, which is an ideal tool for both beginners and advanced private pilots. Or simply for anyone who wants to try flying a small plane. The simulator can be used for some parts of pilot training, especially instrument flying training. Conversely, for those looking for something more exceptional, we have the fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon, whose simulator we developed in collaboration with Tomáš Merta, a Czech army pilot who flies the JAS-39 Gripen fighter.


"The goal was always to build a true training center. Therefore, between 2018-2019, the Boeing simulator underwent a significant modernization and we added an Airbus simulator to offer the maximum to pilots in training."

Radek Topinka, the founder


It's not all about flying: formula and submarine

But we also offer other than flight simulators. Together with former formula racer Jan Charouz, we developed and tuned a pair of Formula 1 Red/Blue simulators, on which you can even race with a friend. The specialty is an experience simulator of a German submarine from the Second World War, the so-called U-boot. In it, you and your friends can take on the role of a three-man crew during an attack on an allied convoy and enjoy the captivating atmosphere, including smoke and water leaks into the submarine. We offer a submarine simulator of this type as the only one in the Czech Republic.


"I am glad that the two top professionals who participated in the development of our simulators, Tomáš Merta and Jan Charouz, continue to work with us as instructors. Our clients can thus learn from the best."

Radek Topinka, the founder


We offer training and entertainment

Our simulators really are for everyone. If you want to become a pilot, you can try out what it's like here. You can also complete part of the pilot training here. Or just treat yourself to an exceptional experience and preserve it using professional recording equipment from your flight or drive. Experience packages can also serve as an original gift for little and big boys with a taste for fast machines. And last but not least, our simulator center is a great place for organizing corporate events and teambuilding.


"As an active pilot, I use our simulators myself to maintain my piloting habits. As aviation enthusiasts, we make sure that the simulation is completely realistic."

Radek Topinka, the founder


Services as in business class

It's not just about putting you behind the stick, rams or steering wheel and leaving you to figure things out for yourself. We have qualified instructors for all simulators who will explain everything to you and help you with piloting according to your skills and experience. Our pilots will make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your experience. And we also thought of the details – your audience can try out a flight on the Flight Simulator 2020 during the main experience, view the other simulators or complete pre-flight training.