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Full motion Cessna 182RG

About the experience

What you try depends on the package you choose. A basic 30-minute flight allows you to take off, fly a route and approach with a landing at one of 24,000 airports around the world. During the one-hour flight, you can also practice repeated landings at several airports, such as Prague, under different weather conditions. Want more adrenaline? The 90-minute flight already includes drills for various crisis situations, from engine failure to the most complex airports in the world.

Our flight simulator can be a great unusual experience, an original gift for your husband or son, a dream come true for an aviation enthusiast or one of the steps on the way to becoming a real pilot. The choice is yours. In any case, we will make sure that you really enjoy your flight.

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Full motion Cessna 182RG

Length of experience Price
Length of experience
30 + 30 minut
from 1 390 Kč

Vzlet, let po trase a přiblížení s přistáním na jednom z 24 tisíc letišť světa. Celkem 30min. Cessna + 30 min. prohlídka všech simulátorů a pro divácký doprovod let s novým Flight Simulatorem 2020 na zkoušku v průběhu letu na Cessně. Zážitek je určen pro 1 osobu + 3 osoby diváckého doprovodu.

Length of experience
60 + 30 minut
from 2 390 Kč

K základnímu letu opakovaná přistání, Celkem 60min. Cessna + 30 min. prohlídka všech simulátorů a pro divácký doprovod let s novým Flight Simulatorem 2020 na zkoušku v průběhu letu na Cessně. Zážitek je určen pro 1 osobu + 3 osoby diváckého doprovodu.

Length of experience
90 + 30 minut
from 3 390 Kč

K střední variantě navíc obtížná letiště a závady, Celkem 90min. Cessna + 30 min. prohlídka všech simulátorů a pro divácký doprovod let s novým Flight Simulatorem 2020 na zkoušku v průběhu letu na Cessně. Zážitek je určen pro 1 osobu + 3 osoby diváckého doprovodu.

Klikněte pro zážitky s LAST MINUTE termíny a nejlepší cenou nebo individuální termín na vaše přání.


About the simulator

As a real as possible

Do you want to learn how to fly a small plane like a real pilot? You can really try it with us. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will not just fly, but drive a small sports plane like in flight school. We didn't skimp on reality and that's why we have a mobile trainer available in Prague (tilts in all directions and lift up to 50 cm). For your audience, the simulator offers the option of sitting behind a security counter.

With Cessna you can do it best

It is a single-engine sports plane that can be driven completely independently only with the advice of an instructor, unlike transport planes. Its speed is thus significantly lower with fewer control elements and therefore driving is much easier compared to transport machines. The Cessna is therefore an ideal gift for a beginner pilot who will then be able to better handle the more complex Boeing.

What you get from us

An experienced pilot will be at your disposal who will take care of the comfort of you and your up to 3 guests, who you can bring with you as spectators. So that the memory of your extraordinary experience does not fade, you can take away a recording of your flight filmed by a professional camera, including photos and a certificate signed by a real pilot. After the experience, you will take an interactive tour of all simulators and try Flight Simulator 2020, which is very popular among our visitors.

About a real aircraft

The Cessna 182 Skylane is a light, single-engine, four-seat aircraft (the RG is a retractable landing gear version). The aircraft entered service in 1956 and there are a number of variants of this model. The Cessna 182 is the second most popular aircraft model of this type after the Cessna 172.

Origin and development:

The Cessna 182 was introduced in 1956 as a variant of the Cessna 180. In 1957, the 182A version was also introduced under the name Skylane. The newer ones have passed into the present without major modifications. More powerful engines, modern avionics and larger windows were added. In 1990, Cessna returned to the production of multi-purpose aircraft, such as this model. In 2005, Cessna began offering the advanced Garmin G1000 avionics as an option for the Skylan. Subsequently, the Garmin 1000 became standard equipment and today it is no longer possible to buy with classic analog instrumentation.



How does it go?

The experience begins with sitting in a prepared cockpit with an instructor. During the main experience, your audience can, upon request, try out Flight Simulator 2020 for 15 minutes as a bonus flight. This is not a professional simulator, but a regular game with beautiful details with visuals on a 55" 4K screen and a basic Thrustmaster flight controller in the form of self-service control. After the experience, we will guide you through our center and show you step by step all of our professional simulators. If they are in operation, you can look inside through the window provided for this. For experiences on the Formula 1 and Racing Special simulators, a qualified operator is available to change the settings or fee professional instructor Jan Charouz (on request in advance) at Formula 1.



Can I bring an audience?

YES, with experience vouchers you can have up to three people accompanying you, but only the recipient can pilot. The exception is the submarine experience, where 3 people in different roles and 1 person from the audience are in charge. Last Minute or multi-person courses do not include an accompanying audience. With the exception of courses above the permitted limit, the accompanying spectator can be paid extra according to the capacity on the spot at a price of CZK 190 per person. Taking turns in the cockpit is only allowed to the escort for an additional charge of CZK 490 per person taking turns due to discounted prices for longer experiences for one person and increased wear and tear on the simulators when changing people.



What is the appropriate length of the experience?

The best-selling option is 60 minutes, as it allows you to repeat the landing with civilian aircraft or the air combat with the F16 fighter. Racing simulators will offer two tracks. However, choose according to your options, because it is still possible to extend the experience when booking with an additional price.



Do I need any previous experience?

Absolutely not, our instructor or operator will explain everything needed to master the given phase of the simulation. For more complex simulators such as the Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320, F16 Fighting Falcon, Cessna 182RG and the U-BOAT submarine, a qualified instructor is available throughout your experience.



Can I exchange the voucher for another one?

Certainly yes, the best way is to gift a universal experience and let the recipient choose their preferred simulator. However, even if you choose any experience, you can always exchange it for another one with a possible surcharge when booking in our online system.



What about the validity of the voucher, the reservation date and the cancellation of the experience?

The voucher is valid for 6 - 12 months and can also be extended. The recipient chooses the date during the validity period in the online reservation system. It is possible to cancel the date free of charge no later than 72 hours before the start of the experience, otherwise we charge 50% of the price for the new date.



Will I be piloting alone or with an instructor?

Yes, as far as you can manage yourself! However, we will not leave you alone, but our instructor will help you with everything you need to master the experience.



Will I share my experience with someone else?

All experiences are individual and reserved only for the recipient and their entourage. No one will disturb you in the cockpit with our instructor.



Are there any minimum age and height requirements for the applicant?

Yes, the recommended age for children is from 12 years old with a minimum height of 150 cm and adults with a weight of up to 120 kg.



Is the trainer fully moving "full-motion-simulator"?

YES, we have three moving simulators. The Cessna 182RG includes a 3DOF movable base (3 degrees of freedom of movement ie lift, pitch, roll) The racing special has a 4DOF movable base (4 degrees of freedom of movement ie lift, pitch, pitch and rotation). Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320, F16 Fighting Falcon, Formula 1 and U-BOAT is a so-called "fixed-based-simulator" without hydraulics. Unfortunately, the high costs for the so-called the full flight motion transporter airplane simulator is designed for training flight crews and is significantly more expensive. Professional fighter simulators are not made with a moving base at all because of the high G. On the other hand, our 180-degree wide-angle view composed of three full HD projectors for Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320, F16 Fighting Falcon and Formula 1 simulators will sufficiently replace this feeling. The brain is easily fooled by the impression of movement when the image is large.



  • Pavel Sochorovský

    pilot Pavel Sochorovský

    Už jako malý kluk se zajímal o letadla a obdivuje tyto stroje dodnes. Dříve stačilo lepení modelů a pozorování letadel nad hlavou. Od roku 2003 se sny být skutečným pilotem začaly rýsovat více jasněji a získal kvalifikaci obchodního pilota s doložkou IR/MEP, ATPL(A) frozen. V roce 2009 úspěšně absolvoval výběrové řízení na pozici dopravního pilota u společnosti ČSA. V současnosti se zabývá obchodními lety pro soukromou společnost, která hodlá využívat obchodní leteckou dopravu s využitím turbovrtulových letadel pro transport speciálních lékových forem.

  • Denisa Svobodová

    pilot Denisa Svobodová

    Letectví se aktivně věnuje od svých 17 let. Je absolventka Vysoké školy Báňské oboru letecké dopravy a nyní aktivně létá od roku 2018 na letadle Boeing 737 u společnosti Go2Sky. Od roku 2020 vyučuje předměty ATPL na dopravní fakultě ČVUT.

  • Teodor Škoda

    pilot Teodor Škoda

    Létat začal v 17 letech v aeroklubu na kluzácích. Pokračoval výcvikem soukromého pilota. V roce 2020 úspěšně absolvoval zkoušky z teorie dopravního pilota ATPL(a). V roce 2021 dokončil praktický výcvik a je držitelem licence obchodního pilota-CPL/MEP/IR. Volný čas nejraději tráví v aeroklubu létáním na všem, co má křídla.

  • Jan Škopek

    pilot Jan Škopek

    Začal létat od roku 2013 na malých sportovních letounech k získání první kvalifikace PPL. Dále pak pokračoval v létání a zvyšování pilotních kvalifikací společně se studiem ATPL k cílené metě stát se profesionálním dopravním pilotem. Od roku 2018 létá jako první důstojník u společnosti Smartwings na Boeingu 737NG a 737 MAX8.

  • Radek Topinka

    autor a majitel projektu Simulation of Reality Radek Topinka

    Radek Topinka, autor projektu a majitel začal s létáním v roce 2009 v letecké škole Aviatický klub, následně pokračoval studiem ATPL na dopravního pilota. Po ekonomické krizi v roce 2010, která měla dopad i na velké létání se rozhodl naplno věnovat projektu leteckých simulátorů a v roce 2012 otevřel současné centrum Simulation of Reality na Zličíně. Věnuje se nadále aktivně provozu a rozvoji centra, ale také instruktorské činnosti.